Bahasa Indonesia Penutur Asing

Why Learn Indonesian Language?


There is always more to see and enjoy from Indonesia, from city views to the beauty found in nature

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Based on Trip Advisor rating, the 4th rank of 25 top Destination World 2018 falls to Bali. However, Indonesia has a lot more tourist destinations to explore, from beach to mountains, from urban museums to touristic villages, from conservation in the jungles to oceanic studies in the deep waters. This archipelago's got it all.


With the combination of sincere hospitality, tropical vibes, and splendid attraction found here, love might awaits you in Indonesia

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Based on research conducted by a professor at New York's Stony Brook University, there is a big chance to establish a deep connection with anyone, wherever you are in the world, in just under an hour. There is also a chance to turn holidays romances into lasting relationships.


There is a huge opportunity for you to start or do your business in Indonesia

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Based on IMF World Economic Outlook in 2018 as reported by Investopedia, "Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and the 16th largest on the global map." With over 50% of the entire Indonesian population are internet users and the rapid growth of the economy, why not come and be a part of promising business makers in the country?


You can experience richness from various culture in Indonesia

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Based on the Central Bureau of Statistics in Indonesia (BPS) in cooperation with Indonesian of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) in 2013, there are 633 large tribal groups classified of 1331 tribes existing in the country. From world-class music concerts to international level traditional-dance festivals, from contemporary crafts to historical paintings, you can explore so much more.

Survive in Indonesia

By the end of the course, you will certainly be able to:

  1. Introduce yourself and others in a simple and supple way.

  2. Express your simple opinions in various circumstances.

  3. Order, buy and/or bargain in traditional markets / eating areas.

  4. Ask for and give directions on the streets.

As you achieve those skills, you can:

  1. Start and engage in simple conversations with native Indonesians.

  2. Shop and travel comfortably throughout Indonesia.

  3. Fit in like Indonesians.

Private Class

US$ 31.25 per session / Total of US$ 250

By joining a private class in EFA, you will:

Get 8 sessions for the course

Access Flexible Offline and/or Online Learning Time

Interact with native teachers on every session

Tap into advanced online learning platform

Receive completion certificate for the course

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